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Cent Translation can provide you professional translation quality

Translation quality is the life of translation service. However, compared with the European and American countries whose service industry is developed, the Chinese translation market is still in the primary stage with a few famous translation brands and a little guarantee of translation quality.
Cent pays attention to translation quality and sticks to standardized translation. The quality is controlled by both translators and proofreaders. Both technology and language are proofread. Backed up by a group of professional translators including proofreaders, foreign experts, proficient and experienced translators in each field, we set up strict translation service flow and provide fast translation services in 24 hours all day to ensure your communication smooth and convenient.

The national translation quality standard of the people’s republic of China:

The standard is made according to the detailed feature of translation service, GB/T 19000/ISO 9000: 2000 quality standard system and German DIN2345 standard to normalize the industry behavior, improve translation service quality and serve the customers better. Good cooperation between the customers and translation service provider is the precondition of improving translation service level and guaranteeing translation quality, so both parties shall understand their goals expected for each other in advance. The standard proposed relevant requirement about this to ensure the benefit of relevant parties. The standard compiles an objective working basis which can coordinate the benefit of both parties to strengthen the trust for translation quality and eliminate the difference which may occur afterwards.

The process control of translation service provider is the powerful measure to guarantee translation quality. The standard provides words specification in aspects such as business contact, preparation before translation, translation, proofreading, editing, checking, customers’ feedback opinions, file management, responsibilities and security. It requires the translation service provider to strengthen management of each link in the translation process and form a complete quality guarantee system and service system.

Quality control of Cent:

Professional translator is the subjective guarantee of translation quality. All translation service provided by Cent is manual and professional translation, not mechanical translation. All the translation texts are arranged to relevant translators according to content category and proofread by expert group after translation. Moreover, we provide free revision in latter stage of service. As to documents with large translation quantity and tight time requirement, we will arrange relevant translation groups to translate according to the specialty degree of documents. The proofreader and project manager are responsible for the unification of translation terms and style to ensure translation quality.

Strict translation quality control flow is the system guarantee for translation quality. Translation is complicated mental work. From the informatics point of view, translation is a process of information conversion, including the links such as information reading, information decoding, information expression and information output. In order to decrease error and guarantee quality, the translation work shall observe certain flow. Cent shall not ensure translation time at the cost of translation quality. We ensure translation quality by strict translation quality control and editing standard.

  Continuous information communication and bidirectional communication is the beneficial supplement of guaranteeing translation quality. As to the translation documents with deep degree of specialty,special requirements of customers or requiring team cooperation, Cent establish communication mechanism among the translation team, between the translation team and project manager, project manager and customers to ensure convenient information communication and prevent translation quality problems.

Cent Translation strives for providing you with professional translation service. We can not only eliminate your language barrier, but also clear up your professional trade barrier and realize the value of communication. For more details, please call us by the national united service line: 0535-6088177.

Comments of Customers:

Samsung Electronics
“Thanks for the help of Cent, the European tour organized by Samsung Electronics is successfully completed. With the suggestions and help by Cent, we successfully fulfilled our mission. Now, we come back to Korea and look forward to cooperating with Cent again to visit China and Hong Kong. ”

Dongfang Electronics
For such a complicated and difficult project, the high efficiency of Cent urges us to select Cent again. Cent has the same quality and efficiency standard with us, which brings us great benefit.
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