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Cent Translation can provide you with professional localization translation service.

 Localization and globalization are like two sizes of one coin. For the target audience, that’s localization; for the promoting subject, that’s globalization. Localization is not only the language localization; it’s also the localization for culture and audience. The aim for localization is not only to make the audience understood, it’s more important to gain their recognition, thus we set up a communication bridge for commerce and culture and eliminate the barrier of language, culture and country to promote communication.

Localization involves in website, software and multimedia. On website localization, we partly keep the style and format of the headquarters’, and meanwhile emphasize the local characteristics in the contents. Thus, we have translators who are familiar with translation, master the terminologies and express it appropriately. Also, we have network producers who master network technique and art design, and program managers to assort with relevant departments. In order to exploit potential countries or regions’ language market, software exploiters must make their products and services meet the local needs. Thus, localization is required. Among these, the significant one is to provide products supporting by local language. Besides, the software has to meet special requirements of certain markets in some functions. Multimedia localization means the comprehensive translation and localization of sound, character and image.
    Cent Translation owns all-round equipments for multimedia localization. To ensure the implement of multimedia localization, we select well-training professionals from human resources storage and national leading multimedia service institutions.

The localizations of Cent Translation are as follows:
Website localization: to keep the style and format of the headquarters’ and emphasize the local characteristics in the contents.
Software localization: software products and services meet the local language needs.
Multimedia localization: comprehensive translation of sound, character and image meet the local language habits.
Cent Translation strives for providing you with professional Localization translation service. We can not only eliminate your language barrier, but also clear up your professional trade barrier and realize the value of communication. For more details, please call us by the national united service line: 0535-6088177.

Comments of Customers:

Samsung Electronics
“Thanks for the help of Cent, the European tour organized by Samsung Electronics is successfully completed. With the suggestions and help by Cent, we successfully fulfilled our mission. Now, we come back to Korea and look forward to cooperating with Cent again to visit China and Hong Kong. ”

Dongfang Electronics
For such a complicated and difficult project, the high efficiency of Cent urges us to select Cent again. Cent has the same quality and efficiency standard with us, which brings us great benefit.
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