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Translation Languages
Vietnam Language
Translation Industries
Trade, economy
Finance, security, bank
Patent document, law
Computer, rubber
Refrigeration, machinery
Chemical industry, biotechnology
Medicine, architecture
Environment protection, social science
Business contract
Bidding document
AD, certificate
Automobile, tourism
Publication, resume

Cent provides professional translation quotation for you and pursues the optimal performance-to-price ratio
The detailed price shall be defined according to the detailed translation requirements. Please inquire at any moment.
We pursue the optimal performance-to-price ratio, so we shall not strive for customers by keeping the price down at the cost of translation quality. The translation work is very professional and need much attention.Therefore, we shall not only respect the labor of translators but consider the interests of customers to lower the costs of customers.
Basic principles of quotation
1.Word counting: Take one thousand Chinese characters of source documents or translation as counting base and count according to the number of characters (space not included) in Microsoft Word file. 
2.As to the documents of specialty, minor languages or those with special requirements, the price shall be discussed by the two parties.
3.Method of payment: 50% of the total amount of budget shall be taken as earnest, the total amount shall be counted according to the accurate words after translation, and translation shall be delivered after payment. 30% to 50% of translation fee shall be taken for proofreading.
4.Expedited documents shall be added 50% to 100% on the standard.
Cent Translation strives for providing you with professional translation service and creates value for you. When you need our service, please call us by the national united service line: 0535-6088177.

Comments of Customers:

Samsung Electronics
“Thanks for the help of Cent, the European tour organized by Samsung Electronics is successfully completed. With the suggestions and help by Cent, we successfully fulfilled our mission. Now, we come back to Korea and look forward to cooperating with Cent again to visit China and Hong Kong. ”

Dongfang Electronics
For such a complicated and difficult project, the high efficiency of Cent urges us to select Cent again. Cent has the same quality and efficiency standard with us, which brings us great benefit.
Cooperation partners

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