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 Specialty, honesty, high quality, timeliness-----are the standard of Cent. Entrust us, we will provide you satisfactory service!

Translation Languages
Vietnam Language
Translation Industries
Trade, economy
Finance, security, bank
Patent document, law
Computer, rubber
Refrigeration, machinery
Chemical industry, biotechnology
Medicine, architecture
Environment protection, social science
Business contract
Bidding document
AD, certificate
Automobile, tourism
Publication, resume

Major business of Cent
Translation---written translation
With a number of professionals on our staff, we can provide translation service for many fields including computer software, hardware, telecommunication, machinery, electron, automobile, trade, finance, management, law, architecture, etc. With several kinds of software, we can provide translation services in many document forms.
Interpretation ---commercial interpretation
We can also provide you with different commercial interpretation services, including general commercial interpretation, meeting interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, etc. Additionally, we can provide translation service suitable for commercial negotiation, forum applications, product promotion meeting, press conference, etc.
Website localization ----website translation localization
We can also provide a complete Web multi-language and dialect solution for you to build an information communication bridge between yourself and customers. Your website can be transferred into many languages and codes that can be read by target users. After localization, your website can be operated on the local system platform. In fact, the product is especially programmed for the local market.
Software localization---software translation localization
The software localization department of our company (Software Engineering Dept.) consists of programmers, translators and engineers who are fluent in foreign language and familiar with the program language and development environment. They have rich experience in using various software service packs and creation tools and can provide timely, accurate and standard software localization service.
Cent Translation, your best choice!
No.1 Talent Advantage
Cent has a group of professional translators including proofreaders, foreign experts, proficient and experienced translators…
No.2 Experienced in the Translation Field
Cent is devoted to qualified translation of many subjects including trade and commerce, bank, finance, securities, patent document, law, computer, rubber, refrigeration, machinery, localization, chemical industry, biotechnology, medicine, architecture, environment protection, economy to list a few subjects
No.3 In Many Languages
Translation languages include English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnam Language, Indonesian, Arabic…
No.4 ISO Quality Standards
Cent takes the lead in implementing the quality standard system of translation. Quality control is always highlighted in the daily operation.
No.5 High Efficient Work Flow
In the first step, customers send the original copy and Cent offers an accurate quotation in a timely manner.; Secondly step, sign the contract and return to the document to Cent; Lastly, the customer signs in the document after accepting the translation copy and pays for the service.
No.6 Customers Trust
For a decade, Cent has attracted many domestic and foreign customers such as HP, USA Columbia Group, U.S. Embassy, China Rubber Industry Association, State Economic and Trade Commission Industry Association, APEC Organizing Committee, Shanghai GM Dongyue Group, Foxconn, Yantai Moon, Wanhua Group, Changyu Group, Daewoo Heavy Industries, Nanshan Group, to name a few.

Comments of Customers:

Samsung Electronics
“Thanks for the help of Cent, the European tour organized by Samsung Electronics is successfully completed. With the suggestions and help by Cent, we successfully fulfilled our mission. Now, we come back to Korea and look forward to cooperating with Cent again to visit China and Hong Kong. ”

Dongfang Electronics
For such a complicated and difficult project, the high efficiency of Cent urges us to select Cent again. Cent has the same quality and efficiency standard with us, which brings us great benefit.
Cooperation partners

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